Value for money

Value for Money Like all Housing Associations, WATMOS is required to assess its 'use of resources' and demonstrate how it achieves value for money and continuous improvement. 

Value For Money

We Elect our residents to represent your views

About Watmos

We elect our residents to represent your views

Board Meeting WATMOS are governed by the HCA and our residents are on the executive board which means your views will directly influence how your neighbourhood operates.

Our Approach

Get involved

WATMOS Community Homes through your Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) are committed to involving you in all aspects of the organisation.

This includes:

  • Making sure that you are involved at an early stage to influence the way services are delivered and managed.
  • Creating a range of opportunities (both formal and informal) so that you can choose how you want to be involved.
  • Ensuring that results of surveys, consultation and participation are included in decisions about your housing service.
  • Encouraging you to become an active part of the community where you live.

Resident Involvement