Comments, Compliments & Complaints

Working closely with the Tenant Management Organisations, WATMOS Community Homes aims to give an excellent service to our customers.

Working closely with the Tenant Management Organisations we like to give our tenants an excellent service. That’s why it’s important that we know whether we are providing the right services for you and how we can improve them, or introduce new, more relevant ones.

That’s why we invite anyone using our services to:

  • Compliment our service if we have done something well
  • Comment or make suggestions on how we can improve our services
  • Complain about our service or the way you’ve been treated.

Comments and Compliments

There’s a Comments and Compliments folder at every TMO office. Your TMO Manager will respond to all comments in the folder within 5 working days or will write to you directly if that’s what you’d prefer.


If you want to make a complaint informally you can always talk to the TMO staff or a TMO Management Committee Member. We’ll try to find a solution at the first point of contact. If you want to make a more formal complaint we’ll ensure the process is as quick and easy as possible.

Here’s how to go about making a formal complaint.

The Complaints Procedure

Stage 1
You can make a complaint to us over the phone, in person or in writing by using the contact details in this handbook. You can also make your complaint using our website All complaints are acknowledged in writing within 2 working days. If you’d like a copy for your records the TMO office will give you one.

We aim to investigate all complaints and respond formally within 10 working days (or a mutually agreed date), during which time, a plan of action will be agreed. Sometimes we may need more time if someone else, like a contractor is involved. We’ll let you know if we need extra time.

Stage 2
If you’re not satisfied with the way the TMO has resolved your complaint, you can appeal directly to the WATMOS Area Operations Manager. We’ll investigate the matter and a formal response will be given letting you know whether the appeal has been upheld or rejected. We aim to respond to you within 10 working days.

Stage 3
If you’re not satisfied with the response to your appeal you’ll be given the opportunity to meet with the Appeal Panel to discuss your complaint. At the Appeal Hearing, the Panel will agree a course of action and you’ll receive a formal response within 3 working days.

What can tenants do next?
If you’re still unhappy with the way we have dealt with your complaint you can contact a designated person to undertake an impartial investigation. A designated person is an MP, a Councillor or a member of a local Designated Tenants Complaints Panel.

However, if you decide that you do not wish to contact a designated person you can go directly to the Ombudsman but you need to wait for a period of at least 8 weeks from the end of WATMOS’ complaints process before the Ombudsman can consider your case.

If stages 1-3 have been exhausted and you feel that your issues have not been resolved then you may take your dispute to the Independent Housing Ombudsman:

You can contact the Housing Ombudsman at Housing Ombudsman Service, 81 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4HN. Call them on 0300 111 3000, Lo-Call on 0845 7125 973, fax 020 7836 3831 1942 or email

Here’s some tips for making a complaint

  • Make a note of dates and times you speak to us.
  • Be specific. It’s much easier for us to investigate the problem.
  • Record the names of any staff you speak to.
  • Please give us a reliable way to get in touch in case we need any more details about your complaint.

Equality and Diversity
WATMOS and the TMOs aim to provide a fair, appropriate and responsive service to all customers, irrespective of their race, colour, ethnic and national origin, nationality, gender, disabilities, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, HIV/Aids status, responsibility for dependents and age.

Customer Satisfaction
We welcome the views of customers from all sections of the community. Inviting feedback and new ideas help us improve and develop our services. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated or that WATMOS has not complied with the approach, please let us know.

Reporting to Tenants
We report to our tenants on how well we and the TMOs deal with compliments, comments and complaints in our Annual Report which can be obtained from our Walsall or London offices or from your local TMO.