Applying for housing

Watmos Community Homes  is a Charitable Organisation and because of this we have to ask you for certain information and proof due to the laws we operate within.
Complete the application form and then return it to your chosen Tenancy Management Organisation (TMO), who will invite you for an interview at their office; or alternatively you can contact them to ask for assistance to complete the form.
Before Watmos can process your application form you must provide the appropriate proofs listed below.

Proof of ID this is applicable to anyone over the age of 18 whether they are an Applicant or an Occupant

As part of the application process we are now required to comply with the Right to Rent legislation and additional documents may be required. For further information please click here 

Are you a UK citizen?

You are only required to provide one piece of proof from Table A. However, if you do not have anything from Table A you will be required to provide two proofs from table B.

If you are a UK citizen
Table A Table B
Valid Passport Full Birth Certificate
  Photo Card Driving Licence
  Benefit Letter from DWP
  Letters from HMRC
  Housing Benefit letters Local Authority
  Letter from Employer

Please note if you are providing Benefit letters or a letter from your employer these need to be issued within the last 3 months

Are you an EEA National? 

We will only accept either of the following documentation from table A.

If you are an EEA National
Table A
Valid Passport
Valid Residency Card

Are you a Non UK citizen or EEA National?

We will only accept all of the following documentation in table A

If you are a Non UK Citizen or EEA National
Table A
Proof to remain in the UK
Immigration papers
Valid Passport

Watmos requires proof of your current address or C/o Address if you are using one.

Acceptable proofs
Proof of your current address or c/o address
Bank Statement Any Bill
Benefit Letters Tenancy Agreement
HMRC letters Photo Card Driving Licence
Letter from the tenant if lodging Rent statement

Watmos requires proof of any person moving under the age of 18.

Acceptable proofs
Proof for any persons moving under the age of 18
Birth Certificate
Pregnancy notes
Valid Passport

Watmos requires proof of all household income from within three months of the application being completed.

List of Income you may be in receipt of
Household income proof
Bank Statement
Wage Slips (last 3 months’ if paid monthly last 4 weeks’ if paid weekly)
Benefit letters showing the amount received
Letter from employer

Have you have ever owned a property or been on the mortgage of a property?

We require the following proofs
Proof if you've ever owned a property or had a mortgage
Proof of sale
Deed of transfer

Once the interview has taken place and you have provided all the required information, the TMO will let you know if you are eligible to register for housing. Should you have any queries or wish to discuss your application with someone in more detail -please contact your chosen TMO

Please see here for our Housing Applicant Privacy Notice
Applicants CORE Privacy Notice (this explains our obligations to share customer housing data with Government departments and agencies)